Alameda County Fair with Live Horse Racing

Pleasanton is home to the Alameda County Fairgrounds which also means that each year, it is home to the Alameda County Fair.  Three weeks of rides and games, shopping, entertainment, education, livestock, live concerts and live horse racing!  And the food… food for as far as the eye can see.  Is there anything like Fair Food?  Where else can you get a fried oreo on a stick??

Meadowlark Dairy

The Meadowlark Dairy was founded in the early 1900’s and Meadowlark was the first certified dairy in California, earning a Grade A designation for cleanliness and quality.  It was eventually moved down to Neal Street and has been the drive-thru dairy that we know today since July, 1969. 

Main Street

Downtown Pleasanton is a historic district of business and residential properties located on and around Main Street in the southeast corner of the City of Pleasanton. In the year 2000, Pleasanton was officially certified as a California Main Street Community! Visit the Museum on Main to learn all about Pleasanton’s history and the history of the buildings and business on Main Street.